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Top Excuses For Not Losing Weight

– “I cannot lose any weight because of my metabolism, it slows down as I get older.”
The reality is that after 30 years old, your metabolism only slows down by 2 to 3% every decade!

– “I was fat ever since I was a child, I am born to be fat.”
The truth is that this is not true. Your body does not create fat for itself out of thin air. Have you ever seen a person who starving to death and that is overweight? I sure have not!

– “I do not have any time to diet or exercise.”
‘Failing to plan is planning to fail!’ The truth is that it takes the same ammount of time to eat something healthy than it does to eat junk food its just about being aware of your options and making the right choices. Add a weekly workout plan to your “to-do” lists, so that you will never be in the dark as to when you committed to yourself to go.

With my help you can start to take control with a results based diet and fitness plan to get you on track to achieving your desired goal(s).

Contact me now to see how ‘I can get help you get trim’. We offer a¬†package of 10 sessions with body analysis to get your weight loss started. After a complete nutritional and body analysis, you’ll have a personalised diet to follow and and two personal training sessions a week. A great way to lose weight for Summer.¬†Get a free consultation today.