Boxing For Fitness

boxercise brighton

There are many options available for those looking for a  Boxercise type workout or as like to call it, Boxing For Fitness. Boxercise  is one brand of boxing for fitness and there are many other equally effective alternatives such as Thump Boxing  in

which I’m a qualified advanced instructor. So if you are looking to get fit and are looking for boxercise classes in Brighton & Hove then just remember there are more options out there.

I incorporate elements of boxing for fitness when training clients on a one-to-one basis and in my group training sessions where I tend to do more of as 50/50 split with weight specific exercises as well as padwork.

What is Boxercise, Thump Boxing & Boxing For Fitness?

Boxing for fitness takes the principles of boxing and uses them to get you fit. It’s a fun but effective way to get in shape. I have to stress that I do not box, I have never boxed and I cannot teach you to box proffessionally.These are non contact classes in that you are not sparring at any level.Classes are aimed at men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels.

Benefits of Boxercise, Thump Boxing and Boxing For Fitness.

  • Increases mental agility: Sports behavioural studies have shown that the training techniques adopted by boxers using punchbags and sparring lead to superior decision-making skills
  • Improves hand- eye coordination:… on both the left and right side of the body. Unlike asymmetrical sports such as tennis and golf, your body improves evenly on both sides, reducing postural misalignment
  • Increases stamina: Research from the Indian Journal of Medicine has estimated that boxing is 70%-80% anaerobic (high-intensity) and 20%-30% aerobic; training increases stamina in heart and lungs
  • Raises core strength: To take a punch and hold your balance, your abdominals need to be strong and toned – this strong core stability can reduce the risk of back pain and improve posture
  • Strengthens muscles: Boxing improves muscle strength used in everyday activities, as well as the ‘fast twitch’ muscle fibres required for shorter, more explosive movements