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One-to-one personal training in blocks of 6, 12 or 18 sessions.


12 week training program designed to burn fat while gaining lean muscle tone.

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Supergirl Needs Your Help!

One of my clients Bilal Ali is running the Heroes Run this weekend as Supergirl. He is looking to raise £500 for a great charity the Terrence Higgins Trust and could really do with donations to help him beat his target. Click here to sponsor...

If I was a commercial gym, I would really love you

As a nation, us Brits waste something along the lines of £37 million a year on gym memberships, fitness classes or slimming clubs that we never attend. This breaks down to on average £600 per person (when you include new fitness gear) who are either tied into 12-month...

McDonalds Goes Bust (Well in Bolivia At Least)

So it seems that after 14 years in what is South America's poorest country and after numerous and continued marketing campaigns McDonalds is leaving Bolivia. It looks as if the population have rejected the whole fast food aspect in favour of more traditional was of...