Having A Personal Trainer

Personal training in Brighton with Empower Fitness gets fast results, be it weight loss, improved fitness, strength training, muscle building, high intensity personal training or simply being fit for life.

Why have a personal trainer?

Having a Personal Trainer  can be time efficient and cost effective. Let’s face it we all have good intentions to get fit but how much money have you wasted on expensive gym memberships in the past? You will find sessions motivating and results are long term. Personal Training is structured around your goals. Sessions are fun but challenging and very effective – many of my clients  see results in a few weeks weeks.

The idea of why a trainer may be useful for your particular fitness program or goals may depend on the cost, scheduling times, location, or other factors. Using a personal trainer can be very simple or very complicated, but there are some basic points that you should know. This will enable you to decide what trainer is best for you.

At some point 70% of the population begin an exercise program. In less than 3 months 80% of those individuals will quit. More importantly, 80% of all gym memberships are never used. Interestingly 70-85% of all individuals who use a personal trainer maintains their gym schedule and achieves their fitness goals. Ok so there’s a lot of numbers flying around there and it may be a difficult decision for you, or it may be a very simple one.


Personal trainers are individuals who have undergone certification and testing to prescribe exercise and in some cases dietary advice. Getting on the right exercise program will help you improve your quality of life and in some cases, extend your life expectancy. Getting on the wrong exercise program is likely to result in injury.


This is the primary key for what you should look for in a personal trainer. Whomever you choose has to motivate you. If this person can motivate you to change your life outside of the gym, then all the better. The best type of trainer is the type of person who encourages you to perform at a 110%. This person may be soft-spoken, or bark at you like a drill sergeant. Your particular personality will determine what type of individual is best for you. Motivation is closely associated with guidance and the individual who can properly motivate you, will also show you several ways for you to accomplish any particular task.


Another great quality to look for in a personal trainer is that persons ability to run things smoothly. Great trainers have an ability to establish a plan and in most cases give you insight about that plan. They will establish goals and make them obtainable for you. Good quality trainers will have a plan of action either written down or clearly imprinted on their mind and should have your ultimate hopes and desires always to hand.


Depending on your particular fitness goals and obviously your physical condition, your trainer will pick an exercise intensity that is appropriate for you. Any good personal trainer can read a client’s response and appropriately adapt the exercise.


With the vast amount of information that we are required to absorb every year, millions of people have decided to use personal trainers expert guidance to achieve their fitness goals. Great personal trainers read quality information to stay up-to-date on the latest scientific trends in exercise. Closely associated with the literature is the trainers is the trainers direct experience. The best personal trainers are the ones that live that lifestyle and live by example.


There are many trainers out and finding the one that will best suit your needs may take a little bit of time. Eventually when you find the right person, it fits like a glove. Those individuals will be very powerful at shaping your life for the better. Hopefully they will have such an impact on you that they will make you quit bad habits and replace them with healthier ones.

In your search for a personal trainer, wether you decide to contact me or look elsewhere just remember that everybody has to start somewhere and there are no winners and losers just choosers who decide to get up and do something.

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