This is a client who is currently on my 12 Week Body Blast training three times a week at the studio. This is only five weeks into his training and he has got some fantastic results already!!












This is a a client who recently completed my 12 Week Body Blast. He wishes to remain anonymous but Im sure you can see that training 3 times a week over 12 weeks he achieved some fantastic results.



This is John who recently completed my’12 Week Body Blast’.John came to me as he was looking to put on some weigh/muscle and although he was eating lots and training hard it wasn’t happening.

I got John to complete a food diary and after analysing it I could see that he was in fact not eating near enough what he thought he was and his workouts were a bit…well crap.

After following my nutrition plan and training with me for three sessions a week John got some really impressive results which you can see from his before and after development pictures. whats even more impressive is that the pictures are only from week three to nine! 

In 9 weeks John gained over 2 inches across his chest, nearly 2 inches across his shoulders and his bodyfat reduced by 1%

PaulThe picture to the right is Paul who has been training with me for about 6 months now. He comes to the studio for one session a week and then trains by himself at the gym a few times a week utilising techniques and guidelines that I give him.

Paul was an avid runner and gym user but couldn’t quite get past a plateau he seemed to be having. He’s got some great results so far and Im really chuffed for him that he now has the six pack that he was after.

And of course not forgetting my own transformation (that I also mention here). I was once 17 1/2 stone fat, unhealthy and damn miserable. But Ive managed to totally change that. It was hard going but achievable and having never been a sporty or active guy didn’t matter..I still did it. And so can you. So no matter if you’re overweight, underweight or just generally unfit contact me now and lets get started!


MeJohn and Paul (and indeed myself) are just few people that I have successfully helped get some great results and achieve their full potential. Here are some reviews from some of my many satisfied clients

“Edd is personable and has a lot of integrity. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Edd is one of the best.” Rob, Brighton

“I met Edd when I needed to get my confidence up and into an exercise routine that would get me fitter and toned. He is a great trainer – focused, knowledgeable and patient but takes no nonsense! Exactly what you need on those days when you ‘just don’t feel like it’. Getting fit takes commitment and Edd helps you meet your goals in a fun and supportive way. Proof – I ran my first marathon yesterday and it was Edd who got me through my first 5 miles”.Sue, Kemptown

“I have been training with Edd for about 6 months now and I am seeing some great results.We have a ‘love’ ‘hate’ relationship,he loves what he does and I hate working out but he has pushed me through all this and spurred me onwards and at 45 I am the fittest I have ever been!”Mark.T

“Challenging, passionate, inspiring and knowledgeable is how I would describe Edd. If you want a personal trainer who will challenge your mental and physical limitations which prevent you getting fitter then Edd’s ideal. Simple, straight to the point and no messing would describe his approach and it works. Happily recommended to friends who also do the same”.Paul Sheppard

“Edd is a real star! He completely understand his clients’ needs. He encourages them to get the best from themselves and the best out of the time they spend in training with him. He is always full of positive reinforcement and I never fail to have a good time with him. A thoroughly great guy and trainer. Well recommended”.David King

“Edd’s sessions are really good. He knows how to push and encourage you to go beyond what you think you’re capable of, and mixes things up to keep them interesting. The studio itself is a good environment too – clean with equipment in excellent condition”. Helen Keevy

“Edd is a very personable trainer and I found that he is great at pushing me to get the most out of the training sessions”.Neil Farrow

“We moved to Brighton in the first half of 2012. We were keen to maintain our fitness and so turned to Edd. He displays three characteristics; he has very high expectations, he is keen to show you the progress you’re making and he’s very thorough in his approach. As a result we are both fitter, stronger and our body shapes are starting to change! We can’t recommend Edd highly enough”. Joe & Magdalene Haywood

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