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Me ProfileMy name is Edd Power and I am the founder of Empower Fitness Studio, a private fitness studio based in Kemptown,Brighton,Uk.

Empower Fitness is a private fitness studio based in the heart of Brighton with clients from all over Brighton, Hove, East Sussex, London and even as far afield as Paris.

This is a totally private training environment where the focus is 100% on the clients with no distractions.

If you’ve ever thought about having a personal trainer but worried about everyone else in a gym looking at you or even thought about personal training at home then private fitness training with me at the studio is the solution.

Training is suitable for everyone and anyone regardless of age, previous exercise experience or current fitness levels and my clients  range from ages 14 to 65, models to morbidly obese, post natal to post surgery, those training for marathons to those simply looking to climb the stairs with more ease. Whatever your goals training at Empower Fitness will get you there.

I am an experienced certified personal trainer with over 8 years of experience in the health and wellness field. I have dedicated my life to my own health and wellbeing and I am very passionate about what I do.My journey into the world of health and fitness is somewhat unconventional in that I was never really into sports and didn’t come into this as a fresh faced teenager straight from college. But it is a journey that has made me appreciate the struggle that many people face as I too have been there done that and I am aware of all the excuses as believe me I used to make them.Me

Having many years worked at a desk job and at one point being nearly 6 stone overweight I made the best decision I have ever made and took a career change. After losing my excess body fat and increasing my fitness drastically I qualified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer in 2004 and from there started my own successful business using all that I had learnt and helping others change their lives.

My focus is on wellness, holistic living and helping people and I have been described by clients as the best trainer they have ever had. I believe this is due to my no nonsense results driven practical approach. I aim to inspire and empower others to live healthier lives with my passion for people, fitness, and health and through my results based training and nutritional advice that I hope truly educates and motivates.

If you are looking for a placid, smiling and nodding trainer then I recommend you keep looking, believe me they are a dime a dozen. Ok so I do smile but If you are looking for someone who can get you the results you want and you are prepared to give 100% then please contact me for a chat

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