As a nation, us Brits waste something along the lines of £37 million a year on gym memberships, fitness classes or slimming clubs that we never attend. This breaks down to on average £600 per person (when you include new fitness gear) who are either tied into 12-month gym contracts or keep their membership in the hope and promise that they will one-day use it. But simply having a gym membership doesn’t make you fitter just the same as owning a pair of trainers doesn’t make you an Olympic athlete. Even those of us who join one of the new budget gyms are wasting on average £200 a year. Although not tied into a contract, budget gym ‘goers’ either simply forget to cancel their direct debits or decide to keep their membership, again with a view to eventually using it.


I remember years ago when I worked for a few different commercial gyms how they loved it when you, the person who joined but never attended, walked through their doors. And there was such a massive unbalance between the membership database and those that actually used their gym memberships.

The thing is it could never be balanced, if it was then the gyms would be overfilled.

The majority of people join gyms with good intentions and almost go on an exercise binge (especially at the start of the year) but then get disheartened. It’s easy to become intimidated by more experienced gym users, lost in regards to what to do, lack motivation or are bored even.

Having a Personal Trainer can help immensely in that regard and, yes, there is the financial aspect but what you will reap in the long term will certainly outweigh the initial investment. I have clients that train with me on an on-going basis week in and week out and of course they are fortunate to be in a position to do so. However, I have clients that train with me for a few weeks just to get some guidance on what they should be doing and leave with a training plan that they can put into action. I also have some clients that still use a gym and come to see me every once and a while to get a refresher session in.

Having a personal trainer is affordable for everyone and is an excellent way to either make sure you get the most out of your gym membership or that you don’t take on one in the first place. Your health is a great investment so invest in it wisely.