Strength training

With the holiday season now upon us most of us are faced with an endless supply of tempting treats and a lot of people I know have resigned themselves to the fact that they will put on weight. Ok so the bad news is that many of us will put on weight over Christmas.The good […]


Marathons, motivation and gardening.

by Edd on April 16, 2012

One thing about watching this year’s Brighton marathon is that the seed of an idea that I should take part in next year’s event has now been planted. As I stood on the sidelines watching the thousands taking part all with different goals and reasons for running. From the elite runners and those looking to […]


Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

by Edd on March 18, 2012

It has been well known for thousands of years the link between mind and body and today the concept of a holistic approach to health and fitness is rapidly gaining popularity and acceptance. Doctors have for a long time advised us to get more exercise and have outlined the benefits of reaching and maintaining a […]