Personal training

As a nation, us Brits waste something along the lines of £37 million a year on gym memberships, fitness classes or slimming clubs that we never attend. This breaks down to on average £600 per person (when you include new fitness gear) who are either tied into 12-month gym contracts or keep their membership in […]


McDonalds Goes Bust (Well in Bolivia At Least)

by Edd on September 13, 2013

So it seems that after 14 years in what is South America’s poorest country and after numerous and continued marketing campaigns McDonalds is leaving Bolivia. It looks as if the population have rejected the whole fast food aspect in favour of more traditional was of cooking. How refreshing! You can see the full story here: […]


Blogs and fitness

by Edd on January 25, 2013

Oops! I’ve just realised that the last blog I wrote was on my birthday (the 4th January). Not a great start really given that one of my resolutions this year was to be more proactive with my social media and SEO. I do find it hard though, getting into the whole writing thing and taking […]


Fitness is ageless

by Edd on January 4, 2013

Today as I hit 40 (Happy Birthday Me!) I contemplate where I am in my life as I think most people do when they hit a ‘significant’ age. It was only the other day I realised that the vast majority of my clients are either a few years younger than myself or in their 40’s,50’s and […]


Happy New Year! – Now lets get started

by Edd on December 31, 2012

Well it’s that time again, the time when many of us are thinking of New Years Resolutions. Optimism is in the air as people vow to stop smoking, give up chocolate or to finally get fitter and healthier. But do new years resolutions really work. Yes they can if you get SMART and make some SMART […]


With the holiday season now upon us most of us are faced with an endless supply of tempting treats and a lot of people I know have resigned themselves to the fact that they will put on weight. Ok so the bad news is that many of us will put on weight over Christmas.The good […]


Magic Beans Aid Weight Loss

by Edd on December 17, 2012

Worried about putting on weight over Christmas? Then a solution is at hand. A recent discovery has unearthed a miracle bean that can help you not only banish the bulge but also if planted will grow in to a gigantic magical beanstalk. Ok, so maybe not but I’ve got your attention. While out with with […]


Bedroom TV linked to obesity

by Edd on December 13, 2012

New research by Biomedical Research Center in LA has identified a link between children watching TV in the bedroom and the rise in childhood obesity.   Ok. So it may seem an obvious thing to conclude but the results are still very interesting non-the-less and are in line with  previous research. But the studies also show […]


The Body Beautiful – The quick way

by Edd on December 8, 2012

  So it’s Saturday morning and while I wake up and prepare myself for a few morning clients I decide to watch ‘Inside the Body Beautiful – How Fat works’ (Episode 2) that was on BBC Three recently. Don’t worry if you missed it as its now available on iplayer…well for the time being anyway. […]


The Power of “YES!”

by Edd on December 4, 2012

It’s at this time of year that most of my clients who are trying to lose weight struggle the most. Not only are they fighting the fact that on a basic level our body wants to keep a hold of fat in order to keep us warm but there is also the over whelming temptations […]